EMR Support Group, LLC partner companies:

Data Systems Management, based in Clinton Mississippi, has been providing hospitals throughout the country with financial software, laboratory information systems and regulatory reporting for over 32 years.  DSM has a strong foundation in accounting, having been founded in large part by a Mississippi accounting firm.  DSM’s Laboratory Information System, acquired from a partner company, has an equally long history.  DSM’s products have enjoyed continuous improvement over the years and as a result are mature and reliable.  DSM is also an IBM Business Partner and can sell and service the necessary on-premise servers for our products as well as implement cloud solutions. DSM currently provides financials and/or billing software in 34 hospitals and Laboratory Information Systems in 5 hospitals.

As one of India’s most experienced healthcare IT companies, Aavanor has been designing browser based healthcare IT solutions since 2001. From the launch of the first generation EHR platform to the most current fourth generation design, Doc99 is a mature product that is beautifully designed, stable and comprehensive. Doc99’s mobile applications keep patients, doctors and key system users connected to Doc99 and provide a complete digital experience in any type of medical facility. Aavanor is located in Chennai, India and has partnered with healthcare providers in the Indian Sub-continent, Gulf countries and Africa to provide advanced IT solutions.

Script Care, headquartered in Beaumont, TX, was founded in 1989, and operates as an independent Pharmacy Benefits Manager. The company’s success and continued growth can be traced to the philosophy that taking care of the client’s needs is the first priority of management and staff. Script Care is known for outstanding customer service to participants, plan sponsors, and pharmacy providers. This dedication to service, coupled with a highly innovative approach to plan design and genuine savings on prescription needs, is a Script Care benchmark.

TruCode is an innovator in the medical coding software market, providing an encoder application, components and web services to the hospital, consulting and Healthcare IT marketplace. TruCode was the first to release a complete ICD-10-CM encoder and deliver encoder components via web services. TruCode’s Encoder Essentials fully integrate into healthcare IT technologies including Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Health Information Systems (HIS) and Healthcare Business Analytics.

Covalence Health Systems provides comprehensive software for electronic medical record and supply chain solutions for hospitals and ambulatory healthcare modalities. The company is a reliable provider of technology-driven solutions for hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, long-term care facilities, and healthcare delivery networks. Historically, for the past several years the company successfully developed, installed and maintained a proprietary materials management information system (MMIS) in a variety of healthcare organizations, including multi-facility healthcare delivery networks, acute care facilities, Level I trauma centers, ambulatory surgery centers, critical access facilities, and distribution centers.

The company’s most recent software solution is a comprehensive cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This award winning software has been recognized by Stanford and the University of Texas. The system includes a contemporary technical architecture and is designed to provide robust functional support for medical professionals, is easy to use and navigate and has been certified by the ONC for both inpatient and ambulatory purposes. Equally important, the system can be provisioned via a SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment model and provide significant cost savings when compared to premise based software.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas and comprised of highly experienced healthcare and software professionals. The Company originally developed the Caduceus Materials Management Information System (“MMIS”) which utilizes wireless Automatic Identification Data Capture (“AIDC”) technology to track, monitor, and provide real-time visibility across the continuum of logistical processes for the flow of medical supplies from order through consumption at the point-of-care.

The Company’s current clients range from large healthcare networks to small critical-access hospitals and surgery centers. Proven operational efficiency improvements and a reduction in supply costs have been realized through the use of Caduceus’ MMIS by healthcare organizations of diverse profiles.